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Welcome to DAB the DEVIL 


Welcome to the world of DAB the DEVIL, the reference point for skateboard sneakers that embody the essence of the skater spirit. Our e-commerce,, was born out of passion for extreme sports and the desire to offer a product that combines style, quality, and respect for the environment and workers.


Our Mission

DAB the DEVIL is not just a shoe brand; it is a movement. Our mission is to support and promote the best athletes in the world in skateboarding and wakeskating, through products that reflect their commitment and dedication. We collaborate with extraordinary talents such as Léo Labadens, Adhan Akhlij, Ane Armas, Leocadie Bouillot, and Greta Camerini, who represent excellence and innovation in their field.


Our Top Models

Discover our flagship shoes, The DAB the Devil ORCA and soon also The DAB the DEVIL Orca Royal. These models are the result of meticulous attention to detail, designed to offer the highest performance and comfort. Each pair of sneakers is 100% made in Italy, using reinforcements in microfilm and high-quality Italian leather, with an exclusive design made in Italy.


Features and Benefits

Our sneakers are not only beautiful to look at but are also built to last. Thanks to premium materials and advanced technologies, DAB the DEVIL guarantees unmatched resistance and durability, ideal for facing the challenges of extreme sports or simply strolling in style.

Compared to the competition, our shoes offer a significant ethical advantage: they are produced in Italy in compliance with environmental and labor regulations, ensuring there is no child labor or worker exploitation. This commitment to sustainability and labor ethics is also reflected in the price of our sneakers, which, although higher than other brands, reflects the quality and integrity of the product.


Customization and Guarantee

At DAB the DEVIL, we understand that every skater has their own unique style. For this reason, we offer the possibility to customize the colors of the shoes according to our customers' preferences, ensuring that each pair of sneakers is truly unique. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is our priority: if you are not completely satisfied with the color of the shoes, we will work with you to create the perfect design.


Distribution and Testimonials

Currently, DAB the DEVIL distributes its sneakers exclusively through our Instagram channel. This allows us to maintain direct and authentic contact with our customers, updating them on new releases, promotions, and collaborations. Many professional athletes have fallen in love with our shoes and continue to act as testimonials, sharing their positive experiences and inspiring other skaters to join the DAB the DEVIL community.


Unique Design and Collaborations

The uniqueness of our shoes lies in their unmistakable design. Every detail is designed to express personality and style, while ensuring high performance. Our collaborations with top athletes and, in the future, with the world of break dance, allow us to continually push the boundaries of design and functionality, creating products that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and diverse audience.


A Future of Innovation

We are excited about the new collaborations and collections we will launch in the future. Innovation is at the heart of DAB the DEVIL, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and surprise our customers.

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